Sun of Many Colors

Sun of Many Colors

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This is not a book about Religion. Using the real birthday of Jesus, kinda, plus fractals and other patterns found in nature, I have created several new zodiac charts to help locate, and describe, the evil ones amoung us. I gave these charts such names as ' Heaven to Hell', ' Child, Teen, Adult', 'Leaping Lizards', and my favorite, 'The Wheel of Good a Evil'. With certain specific patterns, I was able to locate such horrible people as 'The Professional Victims', 'People of Rage', and 'The Laughing Idiots'. A qHealth Chart' is included that might help you feel better and look younger for years longer. It uses the seperation of white light through a prism, or the power of 3, to let you know who on the zodiac wheel might help in restoring you back to life. If hell is other people, then heaven can be other people too. Names were giving to all 12 zodiac zones on the wheel, and most of the evil subzones too. These names describe the basic essense of those individuals who were born inside those zones. Some of the names giving include:And so, the only thing I could do was to create a different heaven to hell chart. Using the north and south poles as aguide, I createda chart that more accurately locates people on the zodiac wheel. I figured thata person born on the oppositeanbsp;...

Title:Sun of Many Colors
Author:Jacob Snow
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-07-01


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