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Marijuana has been illegal in the United States since 1937. Yet, thanks in large part to a loosely connected underground world of breeders, dealers, and smokers, there are currently more than 2000 varieties available. And since 1996, when California first passed legislation allowing for legalized medical marijuana, the underground has slowly surfaced, pushing what was once a decentralized, lawless world closer to the corporate world of business, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. Super-Charged gets up close and personal with the people who have transformed this controversial drug. With personalities and backgrounds as diverse as the plant itself, the growers include a former Silicon Valley software entrepreneur; third-generation Humboldt, California, growers; a publicly traded pharmaceutical company; and the famous marijuana personality Jorge Cervantes. Jim Rendon takes readers behind the scenes and into the homes and grow operations of the committed, quality-obsessed practitioners in the international underground industry responsible for creating today's super-charged cannabis. Ironically, these pioneers who built this illegal industry may one day find themselves out of business in the face of the drug's growing mainstream acceptance. Just how this could come about is part of the incredible story.On a drizzly, early summer morning I follow a white, mud-spattered Toyota pickup truck out of Laytonville, a tiny strip of a town at ... I catch glimpses of the surrounding mountains covered in brittle, brown grass, dotted with deep-green live oaks. ... The trees, the mountains, the rivers, the entire landscape here is immense, outsized in a way that dwarfs the people living in it. Though wea#39;re just a few miles from the highway that connects this community to San Francisco three hours south ofanbsp;...

Author:Jim Rendon
Publisher:Timber Press - 2012-09-11


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