Superstar Sales Manager's Secrets

Superstar Sales Manager's Secrets

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Written expressly for on-the-go sales managers who don't have the time to wade through wordy prose or academic theory, this book is fast-paced and results-oriented. Superstar Sales Manager's Secrets contains scores of easy-to-implement strategies, checklists, and action plans for anyone who's managing a sales team. The book's wisdom is culled from the author's own experience as a top sales manager, as well as feedback from the thousands of managers who have participated in his training programs and seminars. This revised and updated edition is not only a guide to coaching and training sales reps in the skills they need, it's a handbook full of practical tools and motivational strategies to help reps generate activity and get the business. It covers the broad array of skills that every manager -- from the newly appointed to the more experienced -- needs to succeed. It contains valuable information and insights in such areas as hiring and recruiting, effective field coaching skills, running effective sales meetings, and utilizing the most up-to-date technological resources without giving up the personal, human touches necessary to inspire and motivate sales teams.reps make individual or group presentations, or give out short quizzes. ... Ita#39;s good to give people 15 minutes or so of unstructured time where they can catch up with their friends or peers, have a cup of coffee, and ... Ita#39;s good for a laugh, but it also gets the point across: Dona#39;t be late the next time, or you will be the target of a practical joke. ... If someone does ask a question thata#39;s off the topic, you might say , a€œThata#39;s an excellent question, and wea#39;re going to get to that in the next module.

Title:Superstar Sales Manager's Secrets
Author:Barry Farber
Publisher:Career Press - 2003


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