Surrounded By Madness

Surrounded By Madness

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qWhat was the likelihood my adopted daughter would have my father's hazel eyes and my mother's mental illness?q asks author Rachel Pruchno. In this fiercely candid memoir, Dr. Pruchno, a scientist widely acclaimed for her research on mental illness and families, shows how mental illness threatened to destroy her own family. Not just once, but twice. As a child, she didn't understand her mother's episodes of crippling sadness or whirlwind activity. As a mother, she feared her daughter Sophie would follow in the footsteps of the grandmother Sophie never knew. Unraveling the mysteries of her mother's and daughter's illnesses, Pruchno fought to preserve her marriage and protect her son. But it was not until she came to terms with her own secrets that she truly understood the destructive and pervasive effects mental illness has on families. Surrounded By Madness is transforming. It will empower families to stop hiding and start talking when mental illness strikes.I thought about the English assignment for the evening: a€œAsk the person whom you admire most to describe an early memory that was ... Then write a one-page essay describing the memory and your reaction to learning about it.a€ Even while my teacher explained the assignment, I toyed with the idea of talking to my father.

Title:Surrounded By Madness
Author:Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D.
Publisher:Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D. through Dog Ear Publishing author services - 2014-03-24


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