Survival (Sobrevivência)

Survival (Sobrevivência)

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The Earth is in trouble. The human race, seven billion and growing, is destroying the biosphere at an ever-accelerating pace. The ability of the Earth to support human life, or life of any kind, will soon be at risk. What will it take to insure the survival of life on the planet? Can the human race continue to be a part of that life? It is a question being urgently debated by beings with powers, and memories, far beyond those of humans. (keywords: Lowell, science fantasy, historical fiction, apocalyptic, mythology)And competing for his attention with these other thoughts: Mr. Alves is talking about this computer program almost as if it were a person. ... aquot;And, of course, we have our tool kit here. ... aquot;Once in a while there is a need for some type of repair that the nanomachines cana#39;t do themselves. ... Not so long ago, he had been farming a small piece of land which he had cleared in central ParAi state, in the Amazonanbsp;...

Title:Survival (Sobrevivência)
Author:Richard Hollman
Publisher:Richard Hollman - 2015-01-03


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