Swinging For Couples Vol. 2

Swinging For Couples Vol. 2

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This is the intermediate level guide and the continuation from the first book: qSwinging For Couples Vol. 1: Beginner's Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle - 25 Things You Must Know Before Becoming A Swinger.q In this book, we will cover the more advanced parts of swinging. Swinging is about trust, and trust is won through careful attention to rules, paying attention to boundaries, and not causing drama. It is important to understand that swinging is not about having sex with anyone you feel like having sex with. It is not about cheating on your spouse or partner. It is, as I said, primarily about trust. Swinging brought back that feeling couples had when they were first with their spouse or partner, that excitement and anticipation they felt during the first date. One aspect of swinging that most people may find hard to believe is that seeing other people interested in and desiring your partner can actually make you desire them more. There is, of course, nervousness during your first few swaps. The idea of swinging is an exciting one, but it can also be extremely nerve-wracking. Even if you have already discovered a club you and your partner want to be a part of, or a couple you and your partner are going to swing with, there is still a lot to learn about the swinging lifestyle. In this guide, youa€™ll learn the importance of your reputation, of hygiene and ethics to those in the swinging world, how to host the other couple at your own venue, how to swing discreetly, how to play rough but safe, and you will also get a peek at some of the different fetishes you may or may not come across during your journey. Here are some of the things you will discover in qSwinging For Couples Vol. 2:q - Importance of reputation within the swinging world... - Practicing good hygiene... - Practicing good ethics within the swinging world... (both public and private) - Hosting the other couple and being gracious guests... - Swinging discreetly a€“ how to swing without ruining your career and social reputation... - WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to swinging - Play rough but play safe a€“ how to take it to the edge without taking it too far. - Exploring different fetishes within the world of swinging - And much more...The Intermediate Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle - 11 Things You Must Know To Ensure A Safe, Fun, Exciting, aamp; Adventurous Swinging ... A woman who is engaging in this fetish is often referred to as a cuckqueen, or hotwife or slutwife.

Title:Swinging For Couples Vol. 2
Author:Natalie Robinson
Publisher:Enlightened Publishing - 2015-05-01


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