T-Shirt And Genes

T-Shirt And Genes

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THE AVERAGE MALE IS 98% CHIMPANZEE... THE OTHER 2% ISN'T SO SMART As far as science teacher Charlie Ellis's love-life goes, chaos is more than just a theory. Caught giving his fiancAce Deborah an out-of-hours practical biology lesson (so to speak) in the staffroom one parents' night, Charlie suddenly finds himself single, unemployed and lost in a thoroughly unscientific world of blind dates, blind lust and blind panic. If only this relationship stuff wasn't so complicated, if only there was some logic to it - a scientist like Charlie might stand more of a chance. Because Charlie likes things ordered, and, well, scientific... Charlie begins to research this crazy little thing called love and comes up with some very surprising data indeed. Science has some very strict ideas about what men find sexy, what women find sexy and what this whole sexiness thing is for... But they're just theories, right? You're not supposed to put them into practice. Are you?It wasna#39;t a question. Twenty to eleven. ... Replacing the clubbers, clean air and dirty jokes now fought for a place at the foul, fuggy tables. I had lost count of how ... And the bloody pub quiz machine wasna#39;t helping. a#39;Fuck! ... a#39;Good one, Charlie.

Title:T-Shirt And Genes
Author:Richard Asplin
Publisher:Random House - 2011-12-31


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