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Police officers on the beat, officers on patrol, all cops - local, state, tribal and federal, 750, 000 strong - doing what they do every day are the first and most effective line of defense against terrorist acts committed in the Homeland. This manual is designed to overcome the failure of our national counter-terrorist strategy to better utilize local cops in homeland security by providing essential and practical knowledge local officers can use to identify terrorist precursor activities and more effectively interdict and prevent terrorist attacks from occurring. The goal is to acquaint officers with proactive a€œfirst preventera€ knowledge and tactics so they can make police counterterrorism an integral part of their duties. Numerous case studies flesh out concepts such as terrorism, homeland security, terrorist threats posed by different terror groups, police counterterrorism intelligence, lone wolf terrorism, behavioral indicators of Islamist radicalization, terrorist tradecraft, terrorism indicators and warning signs, the terrorist attack cycle, terrorist attack tactics such as sniping, weapons of mass destruction, arson, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), suicide bombing tactics and surveillance detection techniques. This manual is an excellent source of basic to intermediate training for intelligence analysts, members of Joint Terrorism Task Forces, criminal intelligence investigators, and all police officers.The Law Enforcement Manual of Terrorism Prevention Dean T. Olson ... when a sharp-eyed Circuit City clerk contacted the FBI after noticing something suspicious about purchases the group made. ... At the Red House communea€” whose origins go back to 1993, after Fuqra abandoned its Buena Vista, CO, location in theanbsp;...

Author:Dean T. Olson
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2012-05-01


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