Take Control of Digital TV

Take Control of Digital TV

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Whether you already own a digital TV or plan to buy one, this ebook helps you take control of the digital TV experience!A large-screen digital TV can bring movies, television shows, and video games to life like never before. But shopping for a new TV brings with it a baffling array of buzzwords and acronyms. Since new TVs are expensive, you want to make sure you're buying the right set. Here to help is Seattle journalist and TV maven Clark Humphrey, who cuts through the jargon to explain how to pick the best digital TV from the dizzying set of choices in stores and from online retailers. Once you have a TV, Clark explains how to position it in your home for optimal viewing, all the different cables, how to arrange and connect external speakers, and-especially important-how to adjust your set for the best image quality. He also shows where you can find HDTV programming and offers a look at other devices you might want to hook to your large-screen TV, such as a computer, A/V receiver, DVD player, digital video recorder, video game console, and more. Bonus! A $5-off coupon halves the price of this ebook if you purchase your TV gear from Small Dog Electronics.Here are some true-life tales from a few Macintosh personalities whoa#39;ve set up their own digital TV installations. ... Connected to the TV are a TiVo Series2 (Ia#39;d love a Series3, but I wona#39;t pay $800), a DVD player, a VCR, a Comcast Digital Cable box (for HD channels, since our TV ... You program the remote, using your computer, to control a€œactivities, a€ which are then listed on the remotea#39;s LCD screen.

Title:Take Control of Digital TV
Author:Clark Humphrey
Publisher:TidBITS - 2007


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