Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ

Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ

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Questions answered include: How do I use the new Album List View in iTunes 10? What can I do with Ping, the new musical social network in iTunes 10? How do I control the sound quality when I import (rip) a music CD? What should I consider before I rip an audiobook CD? How do I turn on Genius? Where are good places to shop for digital music besides the iTunes Store? Which tags should I worry about? How do I add lyrics to my tracks? How can I locate music that I haven't listened to in a while? What special things can I do with smart playlists? What AppleScripts can I use to extend iTunes' functionality? How do I share my iTunes library over a network? What can I print with iTunes? What's the best way to deal with my huge music library?Tagging mediafiles is themost important thing you can do to takecontrolof your iTunes library. ... tags you can change, howto change them forsingle and multiple items, and how to streamlinetagging soyou caneasily organize your library.

Title:Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ
Author:Kirk McElhearn
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2010-10-27


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