Taking Flight: Inventing the Aerial Age, from Antiquity through the First World War

Taking Flight: Inventing the Aerial Age, from Antiquity through the First World War

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The invention of flight represents the culmination of centuries of thought and desire. Kites and rockets sparked our collective imagination. Then the balloon gave humanity its first experience aloft, though at the mercy of the winds. The steerable airship that followed had more practicality, yet a number of insurmountable limitations. But the airplane truly launched the Aerial Age, and its subsequent impact--from the vantage of a century after the Wright Brother's historic flight on December 17, 1903--has been extraordinary. Richard Hallion, a distinguished international authority on aviation, offers a bold new examination of aircraft history, stressing its global roots. The result is an interpretive history of uncommon sweep, complexity, and warmth. Taking care to place each technological advance in the context of its own period as well as that of the evolving era of air travel, this ground-breaking work follows the pre-history of flight, the work of balloon and airship advocates, fruitless early attempts to invent the airplane, the Wright brothers and other pioneers, the impact of air power on the outcome of World War I, and finally the transfer of prophecy into practice as flight came to play an ever-more important role in world affairs, both military and civil. Making extensive use of extracts from the journals, diaries, and memoirs of the pioneers themselves, and interspersing them with a wide range or rare photographs and drawings, Taking Flight leads readers to the laboratories and airfields where aircraft were conceived and tested. Forcefully yet gracefully written in rich detail and with thorough documentation, this book is certain to be the standard reference for years to come on how humanity came to take to the sky, and what the Aerial Age has meant to the world since da Vinci's first fantastical designs.The previously cited Hallion, ed., The Wright Brothers: Heirs of Prometheus, contains essays by recognized experts on the Wrights, as well as reprints of key documents. See also Charles A. Dempsey, aquot;The Wright Brothersa#39; Experience in the Evolution of Aircraft Design, Structures, and ... Orville Wright left his own account of the first flight; see his aquot;How We Made the First Flight, aquot; Flying and the Aero Club ofanbsp;...

Title:Taking Flight: Inventing the Aerial Age, from Antiquity through the First World War
Author:Richard P. Hallion
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2003-05-08


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