Taking power back

Taking power back

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Faith in the UK's political system has reached new lows. Politicians and commentators are lining up to offer answers, but what if the problem goes beyond left and right, trust and bureaucracy? What if the system puts too much power in the hands of politicians in London and not enough in the hands of ordinary people? This important book addresses a key issue of our time: where should power and governance lie in our democracy? Simon Parker, a leading expert on public services and government, claims the answer is to give power away. Indeed, across the country, communities and cities are already starting to take matters into their own hands, reinventing citizenship for the 21st century. Including fascinating interviews with former ministers and officials about their experience of managing the central state, as well as illuminating international case studies, Parker offers policy recommendations and practical ideas for giving power away and creating a new kind of politics focused on unleashing society's creative potential. In so doing, he provides a route map for change, showing how decentralisation can make us happier, healthier and more equal.available at http://www.pagb.co.uk/appg/inquiryreports/ WanlessReview10yearson_2012.pdf. Bakunin, M. (1867/1981) ... Beresford, M. ( 2014) Better business, UK: Association for Public Service Excellence/NLGN. Bevan, A. (1946) a#39;My appealanbsp;...

Title:Taking power back
Author:Simon Parker
Publisher:Policy Press - 2015-10-01


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