Tales of the Nation

Tales of the Nation

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In light of the uses and misuses of history in Zimbabwean politics in recent years, this research report focuses on how versions of the countryAca‚na„cs liberation war history have become a site of struggle over the definition of Zimbabwean national identity. As qidentity politicsq often do, Zimbabwean nationalism draws on a wide field of cultural symbols of identity and political discourses of inclusion and exclusion. Therefore, the report takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the issue of national identity by qmapping outq the imaginary field of Zimbabwean nationalism. This approach opens up the possibility of cross-reading the political discourses of the President and the ruling party ZANU (PF) with opposing voices such as those in the works of the author Yvonne Vera. This cross-reading shows how VeraAca‚na„cs novels and the political discourses participate in the struggle over Zimbabwean national identity by offering different versions of the nationAca‚na„cs history in the form of qpatriotic history, q qfeminist nationalism, q or narratives of difference. In this way the research report adds to our understanding of power and resistance in Zimbabwean politics of national identity.Acgerter, Lindsay Pcntolfe, 19%, aquot;A Dialectic of Autonomy and Community: Tsitsi Dangarembgaa#39;s Nervous Conditionsaquot;. ... Alexander, Jocelyn, 1 996, Things Fall Apart, the Centre Can Hold: Processes of Post- War Political Change in ... Boehmer, HUekc, 2003, aquot;Tropes of Yearning and Dissent: The Troping of Desire in Yvonne Vera and Tsitsi Dangarcmbgaaquot;, Journal of Commonirealth IJterature, 2003, Volanbsp;...

Title:Tales of the Nation
Author:Lene Bull-Christiansen
Publisher:Nordic Africa Institute - 2004


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