Tales Told Sometimes in Earnest 2nd Edition

Tales Told Sometimes in Earnest 2nd Edition

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What is the human mind? What is its template? The mind reveals itself in what it does. Do not to ask what the mind is but ask what it does and be not preoccupied how it does it. A piece of wood with metal attach to one end does not tell us the nature of the hammer. But driving a nail with such a metal/wood object reveals the nature of the hammer. So it is with the mind. Its nature is revealed in what it does. But who is the human mind? Is it your being or your features? Three hundred an fifty stories bring us closer to the answer. The mind is put to work because we are drawn inexorably into the future and always with a degree of uncertainty: sometimes watchful, other times unaware of what will happen next and many times not wanting to know. The purpose of the mind is to know what will happen next.The cornerstone of this proposal is in two words: a€œevidenta€ or the act of perception by the observer, and a€œevidencea€ or the basis of the judgment on what is real. Sometimes it is better not to write anything down, or challenge the accepted way anbsp;...

Title:Tales Told Sometimes in Earnest 2nd Edition
Author:David J. Pilling
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-08


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