Talk and Log

Talk and Log

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For more than three decades, the fate of British Columbiaa€™s old-growth forests has been a major source of political strife. While more than 5 million hectares of wood were being clearcut, the BC wilderness movement and forest industry supporters clashed, as they continue to do, both pressing their arguments in a variety of forums, ranging from television studios and logging road blockades to royal commission hearings and cabinet ministersa€™ offices. The resulting record of conflict confirms American historian Paul Hirta€™s characterization of forest policy as qparty an ideological issue, partly biological, partly economic, partly technical, and wholly political.q Talk and Log is a comprehensive account of the rise and impact of the BC wilderness movement between 1965 and 1996. Jeremy Wilson examines the evolution of the movementa€™s approaches, evaluates the forest industrya€™s counterstrategies, and analyzes the patterns and trends underlying shifts in provincial government forest, environment, and parks policies. He describes the qwar in the woodsq triggered by environmentalistsa€™ efforts to preserve areas such as South Moresby and the Carmanah Valley, and considers the complex forces that pushed the government to expand the protected areas system. Wilsona€™s perceptive analysis of Social Credita€™s failed policies of the 1980s is followed by an assessment of the Harcourt NDP governmenta€™s reform iniatives, including the Commission on Resources and Environment (CORE) and the Forest Practices Code. Talk and Log is based on a variety of sources, including government documents, environmental group briefs, and interviews with several dozen politicians, government officials, environmentalists, and forest industry leaders. This book deftly illuminates the forces behind controversies that have divided British Columbians and drawn the attention of people around the world. It is also a thought-provoking examination of issues likely to dominate political debates in BC for decades to come.29 The most thorough of these is Natalie Minunzie, a#39; aquot;The Chain-saw Revolutionaquot;: Environmental Activism in the B.C. Forest Industrya#39; ... Protecting Canadaa#39;s Endangered Spaces: An Ownera#39;s Manual (Toronto: Key Porter Books 1995), 58- 60 and 34-41. 32 Bob Peart, interview with the author and Kim Heinrich, 28 June 1990.

Title:Talk and Log
Author:Jeremy Wilson
Publisher:UBC Press - 1998


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