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Welcome to Tallulahland. Population: Growing. Tallulah West thinks she's got everything figured out, from her interrupted career path to the men in her life. (Career path = anything to displease Dad. Nick = trusty best friend. Dad = see career path.) But when her world is turned upside down (again), not everyone acts accordingly and nothing goes as planned. Once upon a time Tallulah was happy to follow in her father's footsteps. But then her mom died. Now she'd rather toil away for a hack designer than work on her own designs and lay claim to all that comes with being the only daughter of furniture-designing royalty. Which is a shamea€”because Tallulah has so much talent. Nick knows the trutha€”that she's a little too good at making bad decisionsa€”and has no qualms about interfering in her life. But only after she finds the deed to a plot of land in North Carolina, an unexpected final gift from her mother, is she propelled into action. Accompanied by Nick and an excitement she hasn't felt in years, Tallulah heads south. She's following her mother's dream, but somewhere in the underbrush of an undeveloped plot of land, she finds her own.a€œI cana#39;t seem to get the copier to work properly. Can you ... Marcos runs through a todo lista€”return telephone calls, renew magazine subscriptions, balance checkbook, make dinner ... Therea#39;s always an error code or a maniacally blinking lightanbsp;...

Author:Lynn Messina
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-08-15


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