Task-Based Language Learning – Insights from and for L2 Writing

Task-Based Language Learning – Insights from and for L2 Writing

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The book seeks to enlarge the theoretical scope, research agenda, and practices associated with TBLT in a two-way dynamic, by exploring how insights from writing might reconfigure our understanding of tasks and, in turn, how work associated with TBLT might benefit the learning and teaching of writing. In order to enrich the domain of task and to advance the educational interests of TBLT, it adopts both a psycholinguistic and a textual meaning-making orientation. Following an issues-oriented introductory chapter, Part I of the volume explores tenets, methods, and findings in task-oriented theory and research in the context of writing; the chapters in Part II present empirical findings on task-based writing by investigating how writing tasks are implemented, how writers differentially respond to tasks, and how tasks can contribute to language development. A coda chapter summarizes the volumea€™s contribution and suggests directions for advancing TBLT constructs and research agendas.GCSE). At the time of the data collection, the students were in year 12, the first postcompulsory year, and they had chosen to ... However, discursive essays are quite prevalent in the AS requirements that they now face and this often causesanbsp;...

Title:Task-Based Language Learning – Insights from and for L2 Writing
Author:Heidi Byrnes, Rosa M. Manchón
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing Company - 2014-11-14


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