Tattoo (with Bonus Content)

Tattoo (with Bonus Content)

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BONUS: This special eBook edition includes four bonus short stories set in the world of Tattoo: qChen, q and the eBook exclusives a€œPavel, a€ qQueen Sidra the Lovely, q and a€œSoryk.a€ HER FATE IS IN HER FLESH. In an environmentally fragile world where human and animal genes combine, the rarest mutation of alla€”the Tradera€”can instantly switch genders. One such Trader, the female Sorykah, is battling her male alter, Soryk, for dominance and the right to live a full life. Sorykah has rescued her infant twins from mad Matuk the Collector. Her children are safe. Her journey, she believes, is over, but Matuka€™s death has unleashed darker, more evil forces. These forces, led by the Collectora€™s son, cast nets of power that stretch from the glittering capital of Neubonne to the murky depths below the frozen Sigue, where the ink of octameroons is harvested to make addictive, aphrodisiacal tattoos. Bitter enemies trapped within a single skin, Sorykah and Soryk are soon drawn into a sinister web of death and deceit.Electricity surged through the planta#39;s wiring, making it crackle with artificial life. Aside from that constant buzzing, the compound was like a ghost town. Heat throbbed from the sunbaked sands and rolled across the dune to spill into the hole.

Title:Tattoo (with Bonus Content)
Author:Kirsten Imani Kasai
Publisher:Del Rey - 2011-07-26


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