Teaching and Learning of Physics in Cultural Contexts

Teaching and Learning of Physics in Cultural Contexts

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' The aims of the International Conference on Physics Education in Cultural Contexts were to explore ways towards convergent and divergent physics learning beyond school boundaries, improve physics education through the use of traditional and modern cultural contexts, and exchange research and experience in physics education between different cultures. A total of 45 papers have been selected for this volume. The material is divided into three parts: Context and History, Conceptual Changes, and Media. The proceedings have been selected for coverage in: a€c Index to Scientific a Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings) a€c Index to Social Sciences a Humanities ProceedingsAr (ISSHPAr / ISI Proceedings) a€c Index to Social Sciences a Humanities Proceedings (ISSHP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings) a€c CC Proceedings a€” Engineering a Physical Sciences Contents:Context and History:Physics, Technology and Society (J Solomon)Physics for the Lay Student (L W Trowbridge)Cross-Border Quality Assessment in Physics (G Tibell)Analysis of Factors Related to Career Choice in Science (J Yoon a S-J Pak)Conceptual Change:How Do Students Understand Environmental Issues in Relation to Physics? (I Tokuya et al.)Study of Students' Cognitive Process for Line Graphs (T Kim et al.)Development of Course on Practice of Cognitive Conflict Strategy for Physics Teachers (H Choi et al.)Development of Teaching Materials Focused on Sequential Concepts: Case of Electromotive Force and Voltage Drop (D Kim et al.)Media:Taking the Physics Classroom Into the World (C J Chiaverina)Teaching Physics and the Arts (T D Rossing)Measurement of Wavelength Using CCD Camera (H Lee et al.)Science Friction (A Kazachkov et al.)and other papers Readership: Graduate students, academics and researchers in education, physics and the history of science. Keywords:Physics Education;Cultural Context;Comparative Education;Conceptual Change;Educational Media;Students'' Conception;Physics History'Another Process for Solving El Problem From this analysis of the process used to solve the problem, plus the interview with ... some students responded that, a€œHere (indicating the problem), I read that a€œ1-2mA of electric current flows through theanbsp;...

Title:Teaching and Learning of Physics in Cultural Contexts
Author:Yunebae Park
Publisher: - 2004-01-20


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