Technological Convergence and Social Networks in Information Management

Technological Convergence and Social Networks in Information Management

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a€œConvergencea€ is defined as the intertwinement of species or technologies. a€œTech- logical convergence, a€ on the other hand, refers to a trend where a single product such as a cell phone, used in the past solely for communication, evolves into a product that functions not only as a communication device but incorporates the distinct function- ities of a number of other technologies, thereby enabling users to take pictures, listen to music, access the Web, send and receive e-mail messages, find their way, and so on, equally successfully. Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn, where users congregate, discuss certain issues, entertain themselves, and share information in t- tual, audio and video formats, are among the most frequented web sites. Social networks having Web 2. 0 features offer personalized services, allowing users to - corporate their own content easily and describe, organize and share it with others, thereby enriching usersa€™ experience. More often than not, a capable cell phone is all you need to get access to such social networks and carry out all those tasks. Such tools tend to change our private, social and professional lives and blur the boundaries among them. In other words, our private, social and professional lives are converging, too: someone using a cell phone could be communicating with his/her friend(s), accessing information services, taking an exam using a learning management system, or conducting business.Evaluating the results obtained by the software and their manual examination showed that using the permutations in headline, summary and topic of ... news and similar news items and comparing them with the results obtained by the similarity-finder software for these pieces of news 5 Summary and ... In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Information Retrieval With Asian Languages, pp.

Title:Technological Convergence and Social Networks in Information Management
Author:Serap Kurbanoglu, Umut Al, Phyllis Lepon Erdogan, Yasar Tonta, Nazan Ucak
Publisher:Springer - 2010-09-10


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