Tedium Troopers

Tedium Troopers

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Tedium Troopers a€“ The True Walkalones is the first book of Sunny Francis. It is a ceaseless crusade fought against the boring sameness of anything that has gripped this generation by digging its sharp teeth and knife-edge claws into its poor heart. This generation is still laid back and does happily accept the established social evils of the day, namely, corruption: vernacularism, nepotism and narcotism with sophisticated boorishness and immune detachment. These modern sages are destined to live in a tedious incompetence in the middle of a degenerating metro-breeding. We are happily conditioned and readily tuned to live the castrated life of the virility-deprived. Tedium Troopers is a clear mirror held out into the society which reflects a clean cloned image of onea€™s life. This even-simulation enables the readers view a microscopic cross section of the global life standards of the day. Thus, the author, Sunny Francis, does not only troop this tedium but also prepares his readers to walk alone in order to crusade the monopoly that yawns at them wherever/whoever they maybe. The author effectively uses Jose Ivans, his protagonist, who is bravely arrayed in truthfulness and purity to lead his unconditional war against corporate maladies and social evils like exploitation, dirty politics, attrition, non-compliance and super-ego. Rooted proudly in a much hailed legacy that is royal and realistic, Jose Ivans launches a series of attacks on the pig-headed corporate in pursuit of liberating the working class through a Labourera€™s Magna Carta. He realizes that he should be ready for a sacrifice if he wants to make others sacrifice for him. Jessica Rose is another brave-heart who handholds Ivans in all his bravados fighting the ugly CMD and wily COO. Both Rose and Ivans carry their deep faith in The Gospel while confronting revolts and conflicts. The Gospel was never proclaimed ever before as spiritedly and heartily by the laity as done in Tedium Troopers. This is a must-read for all who find it hard to keep the flames of their faith lit as experienced among the fisher-folk in the Fishera€™s Valley. Gabriel Garcia Marquez revisits every time when one opens Tedium Troopers. It will be a decent tribute to the Herculean effort of the author if all our schools and colleges proudly initiate Phantasmagoria Clubs for providing the young catalystsa€™ superlatives a platform to showcase their exploits. This book is going to stick around longer than all the contemporary fictions. This book is like a tropical shower after the long spell of a bothersome drought!The only disturbance was the occasional evening visit of the patrolling Police Jeep which would steadily climb the winding country road to reach CHE. The constables would alight ... They abhorred slavery in any form and wanted liberty everywhere! The morning schedule at CHE was very uniquely planned. As Kunjappananbsp;...

Title:Tedium Troopers
Author:Sunny Francis
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-10-12


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