Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert

Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert

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The communications environment is rapidly changing. The barriers of traditional phone and data technologies are going to break down, and users can expect a true multimedia environment with existing services transferred and new services implemented. New suppliers, such as cable companies, will compete with interexchange carriers, RBOCs, and local phone companies for the market share. The differentiator is the price/performance ratio of the service under consideration. Today's migrated and new services lack powerful management solutions. Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert examines the most advanced products available to manage new technologies as well as addresses services, such as: Advanced telephony Wireless networks Commercial broadband Mass-market broadband Competitive access services Intercarrier communications Infrastructure services This resource also demonstrates how expert systems solve the problem of handling the large volume of data streams from numerous network components. Practical solutions support each example of an application - offering first-hand operational experience. The book provides practical examples to deploy management solutions based on NetExpert framework from Objective Systems Integrator. The framework consists of the principal modules, such as a gateway to managed devices and services as well as the workstation for operators. This framework is extended by point rulesets to manage individual devices by domain rulesets to manage device groups by enterprise rulesets to manage complete telco services The solution sets support all layers of telecommunication management networks, such as element, network, service, and business layers. As a result, these solution sets are extremely important to both incumbent and new telco service providers. Numerous cases cover customized solutions for managing wireless networks, sonet rings, ATM, old and new phone services, broadband services, and special access services of ISPs. Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert describes never-before-published information about solution sets based on an expert-system-based framework.Kornel Terplan. division offers additional secure network communications and telecommuting services. @Home has business agreements with cable companies such as Comcast, Cox, interMedia Partners, Marcus Cable, Rogers, Shaw, and TCI. The good news is that ... wants its people to be able to respond to calls by saying, a#39;it looks like the outage in your area was caused by X and it will be fixed by Ya#39;.

Title:Telecom Operations Management Solutions with NetExpert
Author:Kornel Terplan
Publisher:CRC Press - 1998-06-09


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