Ten Science Fiction Short Stories

Ten Science Fiction Short Stories

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How many ways can you spell peril? Power mad bureaucrats with advanced technology may pose more danger to earth than civilizations on faraway stars. Or not. How to save a civilization on the brink of obliteration? Catch a glimpse into a world in which the government tracks our every move. Is humankind simply a huge biology experiment? See how an autocrat could use video games to control the world. Since 1910 radio waves have radiated from Planet Earth. Since them countless television and other broadcasts have joined them. Who is listening? Skip Jenson and Barbara Dinker created the ideal ad campaign. It allowed finely tuned targeting of customers and almost perfect results. What could go wrong? The Tortoise and the Hare is an ancient story told by Aesop. When a hare loses a race by taking a nap, it is not such a big deal. But when a nation goes to sleep and loses its advantage, it is. An alien invasion is just a glass of cold, refreshing glass of milk away. It was just a harmless fog of smoke from forest fires in the mountains of West Virginia. Or was it? Imagine a world in which clothing, homes, leisure time and sex are all considered an Unacceptable Use of Resources. And then you turn forty. This collection of ten science fiction short stories explores a dystopian future in which humans may find more questions than answers. Some of the answers might be better off unlearned. future dystopian, science fiction dystopia, science fiction short stories, science fiction short stories collections, sci fi short stories, sci fi dystopia, sci fi short story collectionA Compilation Of Dystopian Future Sci-Fi Short Fiction Paul R. Wonning. Mossy Feet Books Catalogue Garden Books Fantasy Books Gandy Rand a€“ Erotic Humor Books Science Fiction Books Semi-Autobiographical Travel Books Sampleanbsp;...

Title:Ten Science Fiction Short Stories
Author:Paul R. Wonning
Publisher:Mossy Feet Books -


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