Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

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ISCRE 10 Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering documents the proceedings of the symposium which brought together experts from all over the world to discuss developments in CRE. Efforts were made to cover high added value substances and to encourage papers from industry. Some success was achieved, but there remain significant gaps between Chemists and Chemical Engineers when considering high added value products as well as between researchers and practitioners of CRE. The volume begins with plenary papers covering topics such as challenges in reactor modeling; bioreactor engineering; the design of reaction systems for specialty organic chemicals. This is followed by papers presented during the eight technical sessions. Technical session A focused on the modeling and control of chemical reactions. Technical session B was devoted to studies on biotechnology. Technical session C covered mixing while Technical session D dealt with special reactor systems and chemicals. The papers in Technical session E examined reactions for emission control and recycling. Technical session F covered the safety aspects of CRE. Technical session G focused on the experiments with multiphase reactions while Technical session H dealt with catalytic reactors.INTRODUCTION Turbulent mixing, molecular diffusion and chemical reaction strongly modulate the interaction between two ... It has been a common practice in both chemical engineering (Toor, 1962, 1969) and combustion (Jones and Whitelaw, 1981; Lockwood and Naguib, 1975) to postulate the shape of a probability density function (pdf) to allow the calculation of the average reaction rate.

Title:Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering
Author:J. R. Bourne, W. Regenass, W. Richarz
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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