Terror's Aftermath

Terror's Aftermath

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Terror's Aftermath describes the United States post Bush administration as over a dozen power groups vie for control and influence woven through a memoir of the author. The only given is that no one is really in control. Terror's Aftermath: Silicon Valley Gracenote starts with the author starting at Gracenote with help from the Traditional Military Faction in California in June 2011, escaping the Men in Black faction in Ohio. The author, disillusioned after the past two years is in a truce with the Neoconservative Military Faction, but the Men in Black Faction are ignoring it. The intrigue intensifies when the Neoconservative Military escalate the conflict in June 2012 to fire the author, breaking the truce, leading to heightened espionage and faction warfare for another 11 months when the author is finally fired from Gracenote.I emailed a mailing list associated with PyLucene to get an answer to why the build was breaking to find the problem was a ... press, its inaccuracy was almost an added bonus, slowing down insanity complaints from terrified US investigators . ... Formatted: Normal I started by emailing Simone Simon of Epica in Netherlands.

Title:Terror's Aftermath
Author:Daniel McEnnis
Publisher:Daniel McEnnis - 2015-09-16


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