Test Run

Test Run

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Test Run: In His Image is the first fiction-series about a homeless man named Messiah Emmanuel Jehovanah who resides in Clinton, Maryland. He is searching to find the true churches of God, and to save and encourage leaders and members of churches who are compromising and desecrating the word of God. During his journey to establish a ministry of his own, he meets various people and families in crisis. Some are struggling with anger, hate, hurt, guilt, and bitterness. Others are estranged and castrated from their families because of their poor judgment, misunderstandings, or through no fault of their own. Regardless of their situations, Messiah becomes an integral part of their lives. During their trials and tribulations, he helps them to explore trust in God and spiritual solutions. He teaches them valuable lessons about the love of God, faith, forgiveness, and its importance in their personal relationship with God and family. Messiah intends to host and bring leaders of churches together for a weeklong revival. He intends to increase awareness about the spiraling downfall of Christianity and assist in restoring the hearts of church leaders who have strayed. He successfully encourages the majority of those in attendance to rededicate their lives to God, as well as to their God-given purpose.When we got downstairs, Adonyjah walked over to his spanking brand new 2010 black Toyota Camry and pushed the remote to unlock the doors. That baby was beautiful; the shiny steel wheels, the color keyed outside mirrors, moon roof, and anbsp;...

Title:Test Run
Author:Marjaye Free
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-03-01


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