Text Into Image, Image Into Text

Text Into Image, Image Into Text

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Text into Image: Image into Text is a truly interdisciplinary publication. Whilst all of the contributions focus upon the central problem of the relationship between literature and the visual arts a€” one which has lost nothing of its fascination as the debate has expanded in numerous forms from antiquity into the realm of postmodern theory a€” they come from contributors working in a large number of different areas. Represented are academics from the worlds of German Studies, French Studies, English Studies, Art History and Film Studies. Given their backgrounds each of the contributors can offer a different perspective upon the core issue of translation between media, but perhaps most valuable is the com-bination of perspectives made possible by the arrangement of the volume into sections dealing with aspects of the image/text debate. In the same way that the volume gains by ranging across traditional disciplinary boundaries so it also gains from dealing with a wide range of historical material from a€” to take only one possible route a€” Baroque icono-graphy through Romantic imagery to Expressionist agony.(The best-known example in the English literary tradition is Keatsa#39;s Ode on a Grecian Urn). What Krieger wishes to do in his 1967 essay is broaden the term to include those poems which, even if they are not directly descriptive of a work of art, anbsp;...

Title:Text Into Image, Image Into Text
Author:Jeffrey Morrison, Florian Krobb
Publisher:Rodopi - 1997-01-01


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