Textbook of Applied Physics

Textbook of Applied Physics

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# Statics-Statics Of Particles# Statics Of Rigid Bodies In Two Dimension Solved Examples# Dynamics-Centre Of Gravity And Moment Of Inertia# Kinematics Of Particles O Kinetics Of Particles# Impulse And Momentum# Optics (Lasers And Fibre Optics)-Lasers# Fibre Optics# Solved Examples# Materials Of Science-Conductors# Semiconductors Omagnetic Materials# Medical Physics-Ultrasonic# X-Rays Onuclear Medicine.ANSWERS. QUESTIONS. 1. Define Centre of Gravity. 2. What is Moment of Inertia ? 3. Differentiate Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity ? 4. What does kinematics deal with ? 5. What is Radius of Gyration ? 6. Define Rectilinear motion ? 7.

Title:Textbook of Applied Physics
Author:H. Sathyaseelan
Publisher:New Age International - 2001-01-01


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