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The book is designed for anyone who has a curiosity to understand how we as humans experience and create our life around us. This book seeks to help anyone understand how materialism, the ego, and suffering are interconnected in ways that impact our ability to live freely and do what we want. It has suggestions on how you can make simple changes to how you live life that can have a profound effect in your ability to stop the cycle of suffering and empower you to overcome anything life throws at you. Contained within these pages is fact-based information that describes how certain events in your life were directly related to what and how you were thinking, with references to spiritual wisdom and scientific experiments proving the connection of our minds to the world in which we live. This book is intended for anyone of any age; anyone can understand these concepts and how they relate to our existence. The descriptions are clearly written in a way that relates simple, everyday concepts in a manner that anyone can understand. The examples used link everyday experiences with science and spirituality in a way that provides evidence for even the most skeptical person to open their eyes and wake up.On top of that, the way in which we live feels like we are missing the instruction manual to life and learning through trial and error. The funny thing is that there is an instruction manual, it is the bible. Some of us choose not to read it or take aanbsp;...

Author:Student and Servant
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-03-07


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