That Wild Night

That Wild Night

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Two fun, sexy stories in one volume for the first time! What happens when one really wild night has unexpected consequences? Waking Up Pregnant by Mira Lyn Kelly Darcy Penn is the sensible typea€”flirting with the cute guy in the bar isn't her usual style. As for ending up in his hotel room? Definitely not! Sneaking out to avoid the post-sex awkwardness? Much more like ita€b Only their night together results in more than just a walk of shamea€b. The Best Mistake of Her Life by Aimee Carson Kate's high school reunion is looming. She can't miss it, but no way is she going solo! She turns to hotshot stuntman Memphis James for help, even if he's a living reminder of her biggest secret. Except Kate's not sure what to do with the still sizzling chemistrya€”run in the opposite direction, or fall into the wildest fling of her life!He tossed his keys on the kitchen table and turned to lean a hip against the counter, watching her as she assessed what was clearly meant ... a€œEven if I was into interior decorating, which Ia#39;m not, Ia#39;m not in town long enough to bother, a€ he said.

Title:That Wild Night
Author:Mira Lyn Kelly, Aimee Carson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2015-03-16


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