The 10 Laws of Learning

The 10 Laws of Learning

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The 10 Laws of Learning by acclaimed educationalist Steven Rudolph is just the book you need. In ten steps, Rudolph teaches you how to help your child excel in life. Not only that, now you can train your children out of problem behavioursA‘watching too much TV, not doing homework on time, disobeying parents in public, using foul language, not eating properly and much more. Peppered with relevant examples and keen insight, it is the perfect guide to create a superior learning environment for our child. Now parents, teachers, principals as well as children themselves donA•t need to look far. Just follow the magic mantra, The 10 Laws of Learning and experience the difference.mathsa#39;. To achieve this larger goal, you need to create smaller, more manageable goals that lead to the realization of this ... such as a#39;I will get a final grade of at least 80 percent marks in maths this yeara#39;, or a#39;I will get at least 82 percent on my ... Thata#39;s why I recommend that parents work with their children to make clear routines. ... And, as a role model for your child, you should set the standards yourself.

Title:The 10 Laws of Learning
Author:Steven Rudolph
Publisher:Random House India - 2012-02-22


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