The 21st Century Economy--A Beginner's Guide

The 21st Century Economy--A Beginner's Guide

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A comprehensive guide to understanding today's global economy from the author of the bestselling A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy. While reporting on today's world, business and mainstream media alike use terms and mention trends that even the savviest consumer may find baffling. In his latest book, Randy Charles Epping uses compelling narratives and insightful analogies to clearly and concisely explain the rapidly changing way business is done in the twenty-first century, without a single chart or graph. Epping defines key ideas and commonly used words and phrases like: a€c Carbon footprint a€c WTO a€c Economy of scale a€c NAFTA a€c Outsourcing Epping also illustrates how central banks help navigate global crises and drive the global economy, discusses the benefits of Green Economics, shows how trade wars can be avoided, and explains the virtual economy, where multimillion dollar transactions take place in the blink of an eye. Complete with 89 easy-to-master tools for surviving and thriving in the new global marketplace and an extensive glossary, The 21st Century Economya€”A Beginner's Guide is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the complex economy of the world in which we live. From the Trade Paperback edition.Increased lnternet connectivity has also allowed users to participate in many forms of economic activity that were previously the domain of ... Think of getting the audience to help you answer the big question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Title:The 21st Century Economy--A Beginner's Guide
Author:Randy Charles Epping
Publisher:Vintage - 2009-04-07


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