The 21st Century Media (r)evolution

The 21st Century Media (r)evolution

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The emergence of 'new media' and social media is frequently discussed in contemporary society. However, media and public communication are mostly analyzed within particular theoretical frameworks and within specific disciplinary fields. Such approaches have created polarized views on media and communication, and fail to create an understanding of the interdependencies between these fields. This book expertly synthesizes competing theories and disciplinary viewpoints, integrates scholarly and cutting edge research, and examines international data from fast-growing markets including China, to provide a comprehensive, holistic view of the twenty-first century (r)evolution in media and public communication. The book identifies how the changes are located in practices rather than technologies and that these practices are emergent in highly significant ways. Engaging and accessible, the book is essential reading for media scholars and communication professionals, and a valuable text for courses in media studies, journalism, advertising, public relations, and organisational and political communication.Chinese social network Qzone reported 200 million users, rivalling leading Western social media sites (QQj 2009). Twitter reportedly reached 45 million ... is coy about releasing official statistics. Amazon launched the Kindle 2, a pencil-thin high-resolution wireless reading device that can download and hold over 1, 500 books and can access 230, 000 books online from (Amazon, 2009) anbsp;...

Title:The 21st Century Media (r)evolution
Author:Jim Macnamara
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2010


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