The 28 Day Happy Challenge

The 28 Day Happy Challenge

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Imagine waking up like you did as a small child, happy to be alive and excited by what the day will bring! We all start life this way...rising with the sun and beaming with JOY! Then we encounter disappointments with the inevitable loss of innocence and it gets harder to get up in the morning with a smile on our face. Being happy comes from making choices that become habits. If happy habits aren't modeled for us we don't create happiness as a way of being. So this is an invitation - to anchor happiness habits into your daily life through fun, heart warming and practical suggestions. Just one suggestion a day to create a life filled with happy moments you will cherish for a lifetime. The choice is yours; keep doing what you're doing and experience more of the same or give it a try for 28 days - the time it takes to anchor a new way of living a heart centered existence.If you are exposed to commercial radio or television, ita#39;s pretty much inevitable since they are designed to be catchy and memorable. Repetition is how we learn. So repeating an ad slogan (even in the privacy of our own mind) anchors that message within our psyche. Since the ... Ita#39;s time to gift yourself some new a#39;feel gooda#39; music! Whether ... This soothes our nervous system, reducing our stress levels.

Title:The 28 Day Happy Challenge
Author:Tanishka no legal surname - 2015-06-03


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