The 2nd Second

The 2nd Second

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Imagine tomorrow that you packed everything you owned in a bag and just disappeared? You forgot about your family, a job, taxes, credit card bills, traffic and all the other headaches of life. You just split. Not giving a single thought to where you were going or what you were going to do when you got there. You lived completely by impulse. Sounds good, doesna€™t it? Well, whata€™s stopping you? Thata€™s exactly what Nello Di Latio would say. Nello is twenty-two, likes looking at himself in the mirror, watching five movies in a row, drinking Rum and Diet Cokes and living his life by a coin toss. According to him, life on-the-go gives him a€œcountless opportunitiesa€ in just under a second and, a€œIta€™s the 2nd second that really counts. Thata€™s when you either go for it or you miss out forever.a€ Since he finished college the previous year, this fast-lane lifestyle has worked for him. Hea€™s backpacked through Europe and the United States on about twenty bucks a day. a€œTherea€™s never a minute when I pause and reflect because Ia€™m always moving, a€ he says. a€œI bet you cana€™t wait to see where Ia€™ll be next. Well, neither can I.a€ The only thing that fascinates Nello more than living his life by impulse, is his love of movies. He sees his life as one giant movie with a Classic Rock soundtrack and him as the star. But a movie has to have a point. Nello slowly begins to realize that he cana€™t float forever. But where will a guy end up that follows women from bus stops and that allows fortune cookies and traffic signs to dictate his future? This novel begins in on a deserted highway in Texas and ends in a hospital bathroom in New York City four days later. During this time, Nello learns that his traveling days are numbered. What makes this novel intriguing is Nelloa€™s unusual journal entries that take him, a€œno more than two minutes. Lifea€™s too short to waste time with bullshit details, a€ he says. Through his passages we get to know him and his Gen X culture and mentality. Aside from an occasional flash fantasy and a flashback, the story is all present action. The 2nd Second was written for anyone who ever got carried away with their imagination, their passion for travel and experience, and their own personal happiness.When I registered for classes that fall, I was already thinking about quitting, but it wasna#39;t very long before I saw that Mom was right. College was way better ... Mom would have preferred I study English or business, but she was glad I was going to school so she didna#39;t push. I took a lot of ... I would get the term papers from friends that had taken the class the previous semester and retype them. And the finalsanbsp;...

Title:The 2nd Second
Author:Leonardo DeSanctis
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-04-04


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