The 86 Percent Solution

The 86 Percent Solution

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Most global businesses focus nearly all their efforts on selling to the wealthiest 14% of the world's population. It's getting harder and harder to make a profit that way: these markets are oversaturated, overcompetitive, and declining. The Invisible Market shows how to unleash new growth and profitability by serving the other 86%. Vihajan Mahajan offers detailed strategies and implementation techniques for product design, pricing, packaging, distribution, advertising, and more. Discover radically different 'rules of engagement' that make emerging markets tick, and how European and Asian companies are already driving billions of dollars in sales there. Mahajan shows how to understand and manage lack of infrastructure and media, low literacy levels, and 'unconventional' consumer behavior. Learn how to redefine the 'real' competition; tap into the informal economy and unconventional channels; leverage expatriate word-of-mouth; pool demand to reach critical mass; piggyback innovations on local tradition; and price and package to reflect local realities. As traditional markets become increasingly unprofitable, emerging markets become the #1 opportunity for growth.News Corporationa#39;s StarTV launched a youthfocused Chinese game show called Women in Control, with men on the ... In 2004, Disney and TimeWarner launched five new childrena#39;s cable channels in Asia. ... Strategy #2: Understand Who Controls the Remote Even though young people may dominate the populations ofanbsp;...

Title:The 86 Percent Solution
Author:Vijay Mahajan, Kamini Banga
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2005-09-14


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