The Adventures of Snout the Brown-Snout Pig

The Adventures of Snout the Brown-Snout Pig

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The story of the Three Little Pigs is famous, as is their victory over the Big Bad Wolf. But what if there was actually a fourth little pig who was never mentioned? Meet Snout, a brown-snout pig and the fourth sibling of the Three Little Pigs. Snout is lovable, wise, and courageous, but a series of wild adventures will put him to the test. He leaves home to find his way in the big, scary world. He goes to a farm and meets three blind field mice with big dreams. They want to become house mice, but a mean old farmer could stand in their way if Snout doesna€™t step in. Snout travels even further, though; he makes it to church, to the bank, and even to far off Hollywood! The Adventures of Snout the Brown-Snout Pig is a four-volume, sixteen-story collection of modern fairytales. Through these stories, children learn that nonviolence can be powerful, that strength does not lie in brute force, and that good can triumph over evil. Snout learns, too, as he grows from a little piggy into an adult pig, thanks to his many brave quests and colorful friends.... which dare to take you behind the scenes of some our favorite fairy tales, folk tales, nursery rhymes, fables, and other classic stories ... The lessons are aligned with The Draft K-12 Common Core State Standards Initiative for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language, and Media and Technology (grades K-12). ... Likewise, I thank my aunt, Dale Ward, for being like a second mother to me who also supported me from the beginning and who told me, before she passed away , anbsp;...

Title:The Adventures of Snout the Brown-Snout Pig
Author:John D. Evans
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-08-23


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