The Amazing Power of Our Errors

The Amazing Power of Our Errors

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Ia€™d like to know who in the world hasna€™t made more than one mistake a day. The answer is obvious, but thata€™s not really the problem. Ita€™s that we dona€™t know what we should do with the negative energya€”by the way very toxica€”that inevitably stays inside us when we dona€™t properly handle our emotions and decisions about our mistakes. This powerful manual doesna€™t assume that wea€™re saints, or much less, that wea€™re perfect. What it seeks to show us is how we can free ourselves from the damage and distress associated with the errors that we commit, always with the aim of being able to feel better, grow, gain new skills, develop ourselves more fully, and stay in a process of continual improvement with no need to live as victims of these errors. As you read this manual, you will discover, among many other things, the damage done to human beings by the formidable React Without Thinking (RWT) virus and youa€™ll also find out what to do to control it. Likewise, you will understand what guilt really is and how to transform the negative energy that inevitably accompanies it into positive energy. Errors are, perhaps, our best allies, but regrettably, there are very few people who are fortunate enough to see them this way.A Manual for Living Pedro MartAsn-Moreno ... Aguilera for the cover design; Jefferson Wooley and Maru MartAsn-Moreno for the photograph; Xuliana De Anda ZAoApiga for the figures; and Guillermo Graco Castillo for the illustration inside the book.

Title:The Amazing Power of Our Errors
Author:Pedro Martín-Moreno
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-01-17


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