The Amazon Murders

The Amazon Murders

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Illegal loggers are mysteriously dying horrific deaths in the Amazon rainforest. The color of the fluids expelled from the men morphs from red to cream as their internal organs disintegrate and mix with their blood. At a nearby compound a group of American educators and students including medicinal research scientists Dr. Stephen Elmore and Dr. Julia Cole help local law enforcement investigate the gruesome deaths. When three more men die nearby at the same time the scientists quickly discover whatever is happening is spreading. The question of a€œwho is the killer?a€ may be replaced by a a€œwhat.a€ Could it be the local eco-terrorist group? Or could it be something from the deep, unexplored interior junglea€”something that has yet to be identified by anyone? Within days, four more men die violently. Can the grisly mystery be solved before the members of the compound also succumb to the killer?Eduardo opened the small door and leaned in, pulling out the small laminated sheet that held the flight checklist. A good pilot never ... Stephen joined Eduardo as he performed a a#39;walkarounda#39; on the plane, testing the flaps, kicking the tires, and pulling on the guy wires ... Eduardoa#39;s friend, Juan, met them at the plane where he guided them to an opentopped truck that looked like an old amusement ride.

Title:The Amazon Murders
Author:S.W. Lee
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2015-02-03


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