The American Butler

The American Butler

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:qFor most of us, the wacky, wonderful world of butlering, is very mysterious - but no - it is not about answer phones and standing about the door ready to greet or shoo away. Rather it is alot like being a well paid waiter, nanny, chauffer and sometimes qhandsholderq and much, much more. This book is part instructional, autobiographical and a meshmash of fun facts and figures I felt you might enjoy. It was written for the would-be butler, the working butler, people who have butlers and the mildly or wildly curious. In most American households, the wife runs that house and thus, that butler. The house need not be big (I mean 40 bedrooms big). When I worked for Mrs. Edgar Bergen in Beverly Hills, we had a modest three-bedroom house, nice yard with pool. When I worked for Mrs. Jack Warner - the place was hugh but there was lots of staff and I was not the only butler. So, you see, each situation had its own story - some good, some great and some not so either one. I have enjoyed writing this book very much. I brought back some lovely memories of some very lovelly ladies and gentlemen I have had the privildge of being of service to.Tables must be reset the same way every time so that the dining room has a uniform look. ... Standard. Procedures. When possible, serve at the guesta#39;s right- hand side with your right hand; remove from the guesta#39;s left-hand side with your leftanbsp;...

Title:The American Butler
Author:Larry O. Knight
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-12-01


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