The American GI in Europe in World War II

The American GI in Europe in World War II

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*Covers the D-Day landings, the Normandy campaign, and the invasion of southern France: The second volume of this important contribution to the history of World War II picks up with the final preparations for D-Day and follows the soldiers who were introduced in Volume One--infantrymen, Rangers, paratroopers, glider pilots and crews, artillerymen, tankers, fighter and bomber pilots, and rear-echelon support troops--as they invade France on June 6, 1944, and slog their way inland. Through these brave men, the Kaufmanns paint a vivid and complete portrait of the American GI at war.I had a solenoid to release the racks underneath and a manual if it didna#39;t work or one hung up. We cleared the ... I discovered a lieutenant from the 82nd Pathfinders with a Eureka on his leg; he was shot up. ... They marched on by, and I got up and found a thicket of brier bushes where I had a good view of the open field.

Title:The American GI in Europe in World War II
Author:J. E. Kaufmann, H. W. Kaufmann
Publisher:Stackpole Books - 2014-05-14


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