The Analytical Writer

The Analytical Writer

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In The Analytical Writing Adrienne Robins explains college writing as a process of discovery, as a series of strategies that any college student can learn to apply. All strategies explained in this text are based on sound theories of teaching writing and on the patterns of successful writers. Writing and thinking should not be separated, and presenting only the steps without the accompanying explanation of how they influence thinking would be of little more help than having no method at all. By using this text the students will see as they plan, draft, and revise how their writing helps clarify their thoughts. This clearly written and engaging textbook is illustrated by real examples of student writing and appropriate cartoons. The second edition was revised and updated based on the large-scale evaluation of the first edition completed by professors and students. The new edition reflects four essential values: recognizing the diversity of writing processes, the necessity of peer and teacher interaction with the writer on drafts, the integration of writing and reading, and the appropriate uses of technology. Specific features of this second edition include: -new writing samples -electronic citation formats -updated library use chapter with technological guidance -concise paragraph chapter -revised introduction and conclusion chapter -rhetorical as well as grammatical explanations for punctuation usage -new cartoons -exercises drawn from students' papers -a condensed chapter on research papers -and an expanded, and clearer, chapter on special assignments and other writing tasks A Collegiate Press bookParagraph Development One of the most common flaws in college writing is inadequate development of paragraphs. ... The audience for a news article is not as homogeneous as that for your college essays, so the writer must appeal to aanbsp;...

Title:The Analytical Writer
Author:Adrienne Robins
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1995-09-01


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