The Aol/Time Warner Merger

The Aol/Time Warner Merger

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OCLC Number: (OCoLC)48090234 Subject: Broadband communication systems -- United States. Excerpt: ... STATE OF VERMONT Senator Leahy. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The proposed merger reminds me of A Tale of Two Cities, with the portents of either the best of times or the worst of times, as yourecall the opening sentence in Charles Dickens' great classic. So we get to ask questions today to shed light on this proposal and the future. I ask whether this merger of the largest online service provider with a global information and entertainment giant will give consumers exciting new choices of multi-media content and e-commerce applications over their combination TV and computer screen? To put this in concrete terms, I was trying to think of some of the things it might mean to me. In fact, right now I am getting some comments from my office over my wireless laptop about the hearing and what you have been saying, Mr. Chairman, and they are very good comments. I will let you read them after; that is the only kind of comments we would allow. Chairman Hatch. I often wondered how he stays up on things. Senator Leahy. Well, as you know, I have always said that we Senators are merely constitutional impediments to the staffs and they are the ones who actually run things. You will notice that the staffs behind us are trying to keep a straight face after that. But I am thinking of this. I am at home and I am using a single screen and I am sitting there with my remote and I might be watching the latest Batman movie. I pause the movie to check my e-mails. I might want to coordinate online a family reunion with my children in Vermont and my son and daughter-in-law in California. I might simultaneously use instant messaging technology to find and purchase the cheapest airplane tickets for everybody to get together for the reunion. Then I can return to the movie without having lost any spot in it, and then finis...OCLC Number: (OCoLC)48090234 Subject: Broadband communication systems -- United States.

Title:The Aol/Time Warner Merger
Author:United States. Congress. Senate.
Publisher:Books LLC - 2012-06


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