The Arrival of iDTV / Interactive Digital Television

The Arrival of iDTV / Interactive Digital Television

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: With the recent emergence of Interactive Television (iTV) in Europe, the TV set will rival the PC as an interface for interactive services in the European home. The purpose of this report is to look at the current situation and future prospects of Internet provision via TV in order to then identify possible changes within the traditional Internet world. Based on these findings, the study will give recommendations to Internet businesses regarding the appropriate choice of strategies to be pursued. In a first step, however, this report will introduce Interactive Television (iTV) and sum up its current and predicted market situation in Europe. This report consists of five chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to Interactive Television and the Internet and states why the Net on TV stands the chance to influence the PC-based Internet world. In Chapter 2a detailed picture of Interactive Television and its features is created. Further, the European TV landscape is analyzed, looking at the current situation and future prospects of Interactive Television. After an assessment of the implications of TV-based Internet access, possible changes in the traditional Internet world are indicated. Chapter 3 outlines the methods used for the information gathering process of the primary and secondary research. Chapter 4 complements and evaluates the information stated in Chapter 2 with insights obtained from three industry specialists. Finally, Chapter 5 summarizes the key findings of this report and gives recommendations to Internet ventures regarding the appropriate choice of strategy in order to exploit the opportunities arising from iDTV. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: DECLARATION OF ORIGINALITYI EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSIV TABLE OF CONTENTSV TABLE OF FIGURESVIII TABLE OF TABLESIX CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 1.1Intro1 1.2Introducing The Protagonists2 1.2.1What Is Interactive Television?2 1.2.2Internet - Some Facts And Figures3 Internet4 And Growth5 Devices6 1.3iTV Might Have An Impact On The Internet World9 1.4Objectives And Scope Of The Study10 1.4.1Principal Aims10 1.4.2General Limitations10 1.4.3Geographical Scope10 1.4.4Technological Scope12 CHAPTER 2: SECONDARY RESEARCH13 2.1Introduction13 2.2Characteristics And Features Of iTV13 2.2.1Broadcasting And Interactivity13 Transmission Technologies13 Broadcasting14 - The Return Path16 Set-Top Box17 2.2.2Interactive Services Offered Via Television18 Television (ETV)19 (iTV)20 Web Access22 TV Portal - The Viewer Interface22 2.2.3Summary23 2.3The Future Of Interactive Digital Television In Europe24 2.3.1The TV Landscape In Europe - The Transition To Digital Has Begun24 Rates For Technology24 Present Situation Of The European TV Market25 Considerations For DTV29 2.3.2The Step From DTV To iDTV30 All DTV Is Interactive30 And Forecasted Penetration Rates Of iDTV In Europe30 2.3.3Summary31 2.4Interactive Digital Television And The Internet32 2.4.1Threat Of Cannibalization32 2.4.2Internet On TV33 vs PC33 Walled Garden35 2.4.3Touch Points Of iDTV And The Internet36 2.4.4Summary41 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY42 3.1Introduction42 3.2Choice Of Method And Approach42 3.3Collection Of Data43 3.3.1Secondary Research43 Research Process43 Used43 3.3.2Primary Research45 Of Method45 The Data46 3.4Processing And Analyzing46 CHAPTER 4: PRIMARY RESEARCH47 4.1Introduction47 4.2Expert Interviews47 4.2.1Interview 1:47 4.2.2Interview 2:52 4.2.3Interview 3:55 CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION59 5.1Introduction59 5.2Key Findings Of The Study59 5.2.1The iDTV Market In Europe59 5.2.2TV-based Internet Access60 5.2.3Implications For The Internet World60 5.3Recommended Strategies For Internet Players61 6APPENDICES64 6.1Appendix 1: DTV Adoption Rates In Europe64 6.2Appendix 2: Glossary Of Terminology65 7LIST OF REFERENCES68TV-Based Web-Access And Possible Implications For The Internet World Lars Kirchhoff. This phenomenon equally applies to Interactive Television. It was already back in 1994 that Time Warner conducted an extensive three-year iTV experiment in Orlando, U.S., which finally ... were not really ready and used to interact with their television in a way other than changing channels with their remote control.

Title:The Arrival of iDTV / Interactive Digital Television
Author:Lars Kirchhoff - 2001-10-16


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