The Articles of Configuration

The Articles of Configuration

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The Articles of Configuration: What happened before Genesis began? The scriptures amazingly describe the material building blocks of the earth before our earthly sphere was formed. But, even more amazing, is that the invisible blueprints describing the formation of the universe and its lifeforms are hidden in plain sight in the scriptures-in the form of flashback descriptions of what happened before Genesis 1:1. The problem of mankind understanding these blueprints has been that advancements in science were necessary to understand what has been written from antiquity. Science and theology has been locked together in a mighty struggle of ideas. The process, at times, has been ugly as a caterpillar chomping on leaves, regurgitating and trying to build a cocoon of how the universe is really constituted. But this cocoon, like the human brain, has an inside tension between left brained logic and right brained dreaming. A mighty struggle ensues and at last a butterfly emerges from the cocoon and its glistening wings dry in the sun. As the butterfly discovers its destiny and ascends in flight into the brilliant blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds, a serene revelation of peace envelops the butterfly. It realizes that its one wing of science and its other wing of theology are working in harmony under a Master control. Thrilled and awed, the butterfly uses both wings to ascend far above worldly ideas into realms that it once only dreamed of.It was like having a honeymoon on a slow boat to the China galaxy a€” the longer it lasted a€” the better. However, after a time, ... Many years later, Fast Eddy found the wiring diagram under the dash and devised a bypass. The return home wasanbsp;...

Title:The Articles of Configuration
Author:Carl D. Armstrong
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09


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