The Articulate Advocate

The Articulate Advocate

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Unlike other trial advocacy books that teach what to say and do in the courtroom, this reference teaches how to say and do it. Based on 25 years of experience from coaching practitioners, this handbook reveals techniquesa€”incorporating cutting-edge discoveries in linguistics, neuroscience, and sports psychologya€”to help litigators look, sound, and feel natural and polished in the courtroom. Questions that lawyers face daily, such as What do I do with my hands? Arena€™t gestures distracting? How do I remember everything? and I tend to talk so fasta€”how can I slow down? are among the questions addressed in this handbook.Triggering your natural gestures is analogous to jump-starting a dead car battery. You connect jumper cables from a working battery to the dead battery. The working battery jump-starts the dead one when you turn the key in the ignition.

Title:The Articulate Advocate
Author:Marsha Hunter, Brian K. Johnson
Publisher:Crown King Books - 2009


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