The Articulate Attorney

The Articulate Attorney

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Addressing the distinctive communication skills expected of attorneysa€”and based on three decades of experience coaching lawyersa€”this manual of practical, useful solutions integrates cutting-edge discoveries in human factors, linguistics, neuroscience, gesture studies, and sports psychology. These techniques will transform any attorney into a more confident speaker, whether addressing colleagues in a conference room, counseling clients in a boardroom, or presenting a CLE in a ballroom. Including tips on bringing the presentation off of one's notes and using direct eye contact, the book answers such common questions as: How do I channel nervous energy into dynamic delivery? What is a reliable way to remember what I want to say? How do I stop saying qumq and think in silence instead? and Why is gesturing so important? Topics are divided into chapters on the body, the brain, and the voice, with an extra section specifically dedicated to practice.Triggering your natural gestures is analogous to jump-starting a dead car battery. You connect jumper cables from a working battery to the dead one. e working battery jump-starts the moribund one when you turn the key in the ignition.

Title:The Articulate Attorney
Author:Brian K. Johnson, Marsha Hunter
Publisher:Crown King Books - 2013-06-01


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