The Ascent of Science

The Ascent of Science

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From the revolutionary discoveries of Galileo and Newton to the mind-bending theories of Einstein and Heisenberg, from plate tectonics to particle physics, from the origin of life to universal entropy, and from biology to cosmology, here is a sweeping, readable, and dynamic account of the whole of Western science. In the readable manner and method of Stephen Jay Gould and Carl Sagan, the late Brian L. Silver translates our most important, and often most obscure, scientific developments into a vernacular that is not only accessible and illuminating but also enjoyable. Silver makes his comprehensive case with much clarity and insight; he locates science as the apex of human reason, and reason as our best path to the truth. For all readers curious about--and especially those perhaps intimidated by--what Silver calls qthe scientific campaign up to nowq in his Preface, The Ascent of Science will be fresh, vivid, and fascinating reading.Einstein was troubled by a similar problem: What would happen if he were traveling at the speed of light and attempted to look at himself in a mirror? Imagine Einstein to be holding a torch that shone on his face. Light is reflected off his face.

Title:The Ascent of Science
Author:Brian L. Silver Professor of Physical Chemistry Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1998-02-26


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