The Astrology of Seers

The Astrology of Seers

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Astrology of the Seers is a clear yet comprehensive presentation of Vedic astrology and makes this difficult-to-understand subject clear, practical and relevant. it reveals the deeper implications of the Vedic system in sections on astrology as a spiritual science, astrology and psychology, astrology and yoga. Of special interest, the book explains the cycle of the world-ages (yugas), showing the Vedic view of human history, and the connection of our solar system with galactic sources of energy. Thirty-two example charts of all types are explained including those of many spiritual teachers, covering all the main aspects of its philosophy, background and practice, including chart interpretation and methods of balancing planetary influences such as mantra and gem therapy. The present edition has been throughly revised and updated.A Comprehensive Guide to Vedic Astrology David Frawley. In a Vedic chart, ... The problem both Vedic and Western astrology share is how to determine the location of the cusps of the houses. All agree on ... Some like to use the Midheaven, the point in the zodiac directly overhead, as the cusp of the Tenth house. As houseanbsp;...

Title:The Astrology of Seers
Author:David Frawley
Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishe - 1992


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