The Audubon Price Guide Book

The Audubon Price Guide Book

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Do you know what your John James Audubon bird and mammal prints are worth? Do you even know if they are authentic or cheap reproductions? Noted Audubon expert, Ron Flynn, has researched and compiled this important reference resource for the Audubon collector. Information about each Audubon edition is given in individual chapters, along with detailed Price Guide tables with market values for every print in the following original antique Audubon editions: Havell, Bien, Imperial Folio, Octavo Birds and Octavo Quads, plus the modern Amsterdam, Abbeville, Leipzig and Loates Editions. Realized eBay auction prices are included in the Price Guides for those editions commonly sold on that Internet site. Other chapters deal with: identifying and authenticating prints, buying and selling Audubon prints, and buying and selling on eBay. Mr. Flynn provides a list of his recommended Audubon dealers. Finally, there are chapters covering: matting and framing, print storage and care, and print conservation and restoration.Plate # Plate # NAME Dealer Price Range eBay Price Range Plate # 157 CLVII Rusty Grackle $75-$150 $25-$45 157 158 ... $500-$800 $95-$310 186 187 CLXXXVII Boat-tailed Grackle $200-$350 $40-$185 187 188 CLXXXVIII Tree Sparrowanbsp;...

Title:The Audubon Price Guide Book
Author:Ron Flynn - 2008-02


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